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Social Innovation with Carlos Abler

“Once I start to understand you better as a whole person and I start to say, okay, what are your goals and aspirations and pain points at what keeps you up at night? And how can I help you sleep and how can I help you? Achieve those goals. How can I remove the obstacles from your life you start to get into human empowerment stuff and you start to get into the domains that's social innovators and entrepreneurs do.”

Design Sprints with Jackie Colburn

“One of the biggest pieces of feedback I get after running a Sprint from teams this man it would have taken a 6 months to do this. And so that is the number one selling point to say in a we can spend six months on this and here's what that project plan would probably look like and here's how many people would be involved, you know with reviews and swoop and poops and people changing their minds and approvals or we can carve out 5 days and work on it and make meaningful progress and then move on to the next thing.”