Millennials: How to Stop Talking About Them and Talk to Them.Millennials: How to Stop Talking About Them and Talk to Them.
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Millennials: How to Stop Talking About Them and Talk to Them.Millennials: How to Stop Talking About Them and Talk to Them.

So many business leaders are looking for a solution to their “Millennial Problem”, in this event we will flip the conversation to seeing it as a “Millennial Opportunity”.  It’s no longer a conversation on how we do it, but what we need to be doing to engage them and their strengths to help propel our business forward. 

Join us for this great discussion with business leaders who are thinking differently about this topic. You will get ideas and advice on how you can start looking at Millennials for their strengths and leverage them as a competitive advantage in your business.

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Everything you wanted to know about managing remote teams*

*But were afraid to ask!

Josh Berger, Kevin McGinley and Kurt Schmidt are hosting a workshop on managing remote teams. Come for the coffee and donuts (Cardigan), stay for the insights and conversation. Please sign-up and share with your network.

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General Mills "AgileConf2"

On August 2, General Mills is hosting an exciting, all-day conference focused on Agile. This conference is designed to provide an interactive look at productprocess, and technology through an Agile lens.

Whether you are working within an operating unit, looking for value in supply chain, programming applications in GBS, or anywhere in-between, this conference can help you on your Agile journey by exposing you to #workingdifferently and building your Agile mindset. We hope you leave the conference with ideas, inspiration, and concrete changes you can make in your own environment.

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Customer Focus North 2018

What Customer Focus North Is All About

Customer Focus North 2018 is an opportunity to come together around providing better customer & employee focus, engagement, and experience. People will share customer stories and cutting-edge research.

Planned tracks include:

  • Measurement: Customer experience measurement and management.
  • Behavior: Learnings and CX impact from behavioral science and economics.
  • Employees: Employee experience from applying to retiring. Plus how hiring, training, empowering, and rewarding delivers customer focus.
  • Organizations: Transforming organizations for customer focus.
  • Impact: Design & innovation practices that lead to a better customer experience.

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"Managing Up and Across" Twin Cities Product Conference 2018

As Jason Shen once noted, “Until you ship, communication is the deliverable”. Consequently, communication is the key component to productive work relationships. How do you effectively remove roadblocks introduced by your boss or peers? Become happier with your overall role? Or get on the path to the next big step in your career? 

Leaders today are caught between the employees they manage and the managers who manage them. Being adept and managing up and managing across is an important skill for today's Product Manager. Join Kurt in learning how to influence the people that are there to support you in order for everyone to have the chance for greater impact.

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Give a S#!t! - Leading Product Teams with Accountability, Influence and Care

"If nothing changes, nothing changes," says author and educator Courtney C. Stevens. If you're looking for improved team effectiveness in both product development and product management, it's time to start with changing conditioned models of managing and leading that are outdated and, quite frankly, ineffective.

Please join the PDMA on April 18, 2018, at Padilla when Kurt Schmidt, President of Foundry, will invite us to reconsider the way we've "always done" this management and leadership "thing". Building upon lessons he's learned throughout his career, he'll provoke us to both "Give a S#!t" and also help us:

Key Take-Aways:

  1. Learn the difference between leading by example and leading by managing
  2. Understand the difference between being a micromanager and a manager
  3. Learn tactical ways to manage introverts and extroverts
  4. Discern the difference between real problems and venting and the spin

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